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PG Young Boys & District Consulting


"Soccer Tactics – Summer Clinic"

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Hello Parents,


I would like to let you know about a Summer Clinic Series  for young players aspiring to play at the highest levels. PG Young Boys will present in conjunction with District Sports Consulting. Starting July 15th for  players U13/14 and U15-U17 

Camp #1 – July 15-19: (Rising U15, U16 & U17) – Boys born 2005, 2004 & 2003

Camp #2 – July 22-26: (Rising U13 & U14) – Boys born 2007 & 2006


Technical Staff: John Bello – Owner of District Sports Consulting

Bio -


Facility:Capital SportsPlex10011 Good Luck Rd, Glenn Dale, MD 20769


Please note this is an indoor turf facility. Cleats and turf shoes are acceptable.


"District Sports Consulting is excited to announce a week-long summer training experience for academy or aspiring academy level players! This camp is ideal for players looking for a new approach in gaining ideas or knowledge on how to enhance individual development outside of the traditional club setting. Our goal is to provide an ideal setting for players to learn new tools to implement in the following key developmental areas:

1. Classroom Focus: Game Analysis
Now, more than ever, players have access to game film at the academy level. With that, many clubs
do not provide a consistent learning platform for our players to effectively analyze game film at the
team or individual level. This is such a powerful learning tool that is often left underutilized.
Through our work with individual players, it is clear that those who do watch game film typically do
not know how to effectively identify key behavioral trends of their team, the opponent, themselves
or track relevant information to use as a performance benchmark down the road. Analyzing film
takes deliberate practice and we are here to help provide a road map to the players.
Our primary focus is to teach players different workflows on how to analyze a game on their own in
a way to obtain critical feedback on their team’s tactical behaviors, positional responsibilities and
key behaviors of the opponent.

2. Self-Regulation: Guiding players to take ownership of their own development
Players will be asked to record and track relevant information from the lectures. This information
will help them develop key performance indicators related to their team’s system of play and
positional behaviors. This will give them clear ideas on how they could apply these methods on
their own during the in-season or off-season period when reviewing film.

3. On field training:
Players will participate in intensive group training with a key focus on positional behaviors and
actions relevant to attacking, defending and transition moments in the game. Players will
experience different tactical games, positional games, or technical exercises within the context of

different systems of play. These sessions will also serve as a great foundation to build into the pre-
season period. It is our intention to film the training sessions to utilize as a learning tool in the

classroom sessions, focusing on how to analyze individual player behaviors."

Daily Schedule:
08:45 am – Player’s arrive at facility
09:00 am – Classroom session begins
10:00 am – Transition to field – Snack, session prep and bathroom break
10:30 am – Player Activation / Movement Prep / Physical Work – On field
10:50 am – Field Session begins
12:30 pm – Session ends / Parent Pickup
Registration Information Link:

Please note that spots will be limited! Sign up early if possible, to secure your spot.
Refund Policy:
Please note that there is an administrative fee associated with every registration. We must place

deposits on all facilities prior to the camp, therefore, a portion (20%) of the fee will be non-
refundable in the event you need to cancel within two weeks of the camp start date. Please double

check your schedule to ensure there are no conflicts.


Please contact John Bello at for questions or to submit requests for refunds in writing.
Additional Questions:

We are happy to help. Please reach out to John Bello at with any
inquiries on general questions about the camp.

Space is limited.  


Thank you,

Most Ray

Prince George's Young Boys Soccer Co-op

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